Empowering Young People: IUSYA’s 3-Day Youth Camp for SRHR Rights

In a bid to empower young people and promote Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), Iganga University Students and Youth Association (IUSYA) organized a 3-day youth camp in Nawanyingi, Nabitende, and Nakigo sub-counties from May 17th to 19th, 2024. This initiative was part of the Heroes for Gender Transformative Action Program (Heroes 4GTA), funded by the Dutch Embassy in Uganda.

The youth camp brought together 630 young people aged 9-24 years, providing a platform for them to access accurate and age-appropriate information about SRHR.

The camp aimed to enhance decision-making skills, promote healthy sexual behaviors, and create a favorable learning environment for young people to build their self-esteem and efficacy in SRHR matters.

The camp featured engaging sessions, including:

  • Dissemination of program Y lessons, providing rightful information on SRHR rights
  • Promotion of health sexual behaviors, such as abstinence, regular STI testing, condom use, and communication skills for negotiating safe sex practices
  • Addressing cultural beliefs and values related to SRHR/SGBV and teenage pregnancies, with involvement from cultural leaders and ministers from the Busoga kingdom
  • Networking opportunities for youth to connect with peers, share experiences, and access support for ongoing guidance and encouragement

Notable guests, including Dr. Joyce Alibawano, Gender and Labor Minister, graced the occasion, emphasizing the importance of empowering young people with SRHR information and skills.

The camp’s objectives aligned with IUSYA’s mission to foster youth empowerment and advocate for SRHR rights. By providing a safe space for young people to learn, share, and connect, IUSYA and the Heroes 4GTA program are committed to improving the wellbeing of young people, women, and men in Uganda.

The success of this youth camp is a testament to the power of collaboration and community engagement in promoting SRHR rights. As we continue to empower young people, we move closer to a future where they can make informed decisions about their sexuality and live healthy, fulfilling lives.