The main purpose of Every Girl deserves SANITARY PADS project is to help provide teenage girls especially school going Girls in Mayuge with sanitary towels.

At Digital SRHR, we believe that young girls should not be left alone to make these tough choices. They should be supported, empowered and allowed to have their menstrual periods in a safe, confident and dignified manner. In a bid to restore dignity to these girls, retain them in school and enable them to face their periods with confidence, we came up with Every Girl deserves SANITARY PADS project.

As you probably know, in Africa young girls will often share their sanitary towels (usually scrap cloth) with their mothers or other women in the household. Of course they are washed thoroughly between uses, but venereal diseases can be transmitted through sharing in spite of that.

Also, the study shows that most of these underprivileged girls miss school for at least four days each month over menstruation. These issues are not talked about in Uganda, due to embarrassment, lack of understanding and the low priority of such problems in the face of starvation, violence, death, illiteracy and the many struggles of daily life.

Main Objective
To increase the proportion of young girls who are engaging in sustainable, environmental friendly and proper menstruation hygiene management through the use of safe, hygienic sanitary pads through donations with focus of increasing the self-esteem of adolescent girls on menstrual matters through open discussions and focused empowerment.

Every Girl Deserves Sanitary Pads Project
Based on the gaps realized and challenges faced with the accessibility, use and disposal of sanitary towels; the proposed feasible intervention is to upscale the sensitization and donation of sustainable menstrual hygiene management facilities to the target group. The mission of the project is to break the silence on menstruation by sensitizing the beneficiaries and other stakeholders on menstruation and debunking the taboos, myths and misconceptions associated with menstruation.

Expected Results

  • Restored dignity of menstruating girls through the increased access to reusable sanitary pads and information on proper MHM (Menstrual Hygiene Management.)
  • Reduction of absenteeism and school dropout rates associated with lack of menstrual hygiene management facilities in the target areas by at least one half.
  • A decreased vulnerability of girls to exchange in transactional sex for pads, improved esteem among menstruating girls and increased participation by adolescent girls in school activities

Not every Girl can afford Sanitary pads, let’s not give a chance to PERIODS to keep our girls out of school. Stand up for our School going Girls in Mayuge District by Donating to our “Every Girl deserves Sanitary Pads Campaign”.

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