RAHU Awards Outstanding Peer Educators, ICONS at Graduation Ceremony

Reach A Hand (RAHU) rewarded outstanding Peer Educators and Icons at the 2022 Peer Educators Academy closing ceremony 17th February at the Las Vegas Gardens with performances from Naava Grey and Allan Toniks.

The Peer Educators’ Academy is an eight-month program organized PEER essentially to equip young people with EDUCATORS’ information and skills on Sexual Reproductive Health (SRHR) and Rights as well as acquiring the necessary life skills to make informed life choices.

“At Reach A Hand, we stand for the values of teamwork, professionalism, respect for persons and culture, equality. We aspire to build a breed of young people that not only cause a change within their communities but also do continuous personal reflection.

They also accept positive criticism, value hard work, and recognize that it’s their responsibility to become better persons and citizens each day. Anyone that goes against these values betrays the commitment for which Reach A Hand exists and should be supported to regain this track.” James K. Tumusiime, Country Director RAHU said.

“Our will to influence the change that we want to see called for the need to establish the Peer Educators Academy program in 2014. Targeting young people, the purpose of the academy is to groom individuals who value teamwork, accountability, and respect for one another.

The Peer Educators Academy stands on core values of accountability; inclusivity diversity and grooms feature CEOs. We have produced a great work force with a unique spirit of volunteerism. And we not only work with them for a year but for a life time. We have a great movement of peer alumni and when you go everywhere, starting with the movie industry, tv stations like NBSTV, leadership positions and many others, you have to find a Reach A Hand PEA doing great things, that’s what we aim at.” Humphrey Nabimanya, Founder and CEO RAHU said.

Rugumayo Edson commended Reach A Hand for doing a great job in shaping the future of young people and as peer educators, “you leave this place as a beckon of hope to the lives of fellow young people. Our leaders need to be equipped with the right information to better understand how to meet the needs of young people.

However, we urge everyone to join the movement in order to create the change and desired impact on the lives of young people. The pandemic exacerbated the SRHR challenges of young people. It brought to light the weaknesses in our health systems and showed the gaps that need to be addressed to ensure that young people access the necessary SRHR information and services,” he added.

The Peer Educators Academy is an initiative that Reach A Hand started in January 2014. We established this programme to equip young people in and out of school between the ages of 17-24 years with information and skills on Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights (SRHR) as well as other life skills to support their peers.

Through this programme, peers develop transferable work-related skills such as communication and presentations skills, advising, counselling, leadership and teamwork experience among others. Through the multiplier effect, we believe these young people will transfer these skills to other young people to help young people to make informed life choices.

Here is the full list of winners;

Achievement Award – Don Zane MuwanguziInnovation Award – Kagina Ishaq
Best Female Peer educator –
Male Peer Educator – Juma Safari
Male Peer Educators’ Choice – Ekinyang Daniel Joshua
Female Peer Educators’ Choice Award – Mwanaisha Musa
Cultural Icon Award 1 – Eddy Kenzo

Cultural Icon Award 2 – Allan Toniks
Rising Star – Ruth Namutebi Elizabeth
Outstanding SRHR Advocate – Cuko Emmanuel
Journalism and Excellence Award – Henry Mugenyi
Outstanding Social Media Advocate – Juma Safari
Star Hall of Fame – Shafic