REVAMPED AND ELEVATED: The Return of the Girl Champion Awards (GCA)

The Girl Champion Awards (GCA) to make a triumphant return with a revamped and elevated edition. The event will showcase the outstanding achievements of young girls in various fields.

This years edition will feature inspiring speeches, captivating performances, and well-deserved awards presented to the deserving winners. The GCA aims to empower and celebrate the next generation of female leaders, making a significant impact on their lives and communities.

Each year, Uganda observes the International Day of the Girl Child on October 11th, and for the past three years, the Kaleke Kasome Foundation, in collaboration with partners, has spearheaded the organization of the Girl Champion Awards (GCA) to honor this special day in the UN Calendar. What sets 2024 apart is our newfound trust from both governmental and private sectors, who have pledged to join us on this journey.

Immediately following the conclusion of the 2023 GCA event, the GCA Organizing Committee took a moment to reflect and made commitments for 2024 to be a year of significant difference. It was designated as the year for the GCA to expand its reach, transitioning from local to international platforms just like the Omega Song, from local, local to International, this year…

GCA Country Coordinator, Maurine Tukahirwa highlighted the efforts of the Department of Youth and Children in the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development to empower underprivileged children and youth through initiatives like the Girls Champion Awards (GCA). The GCA aims to celebrate outstanding girls and young women who are driving positive change in their communities by leveraging available resources and opportunities.

These awards acknowledge individuals who have demonstrated unwavering commitment to creating sustainable impact in various sectors, advocating for girls’ rights, and amplifying their voices within their communities and beyond.

Maurine Tukahirwa~ GCA Country Coordinator & C.E.O Girls Must Uganda

Under the theme “Increasing Opportunities for the Girl Child,” the overarching goal of the GCA is to establish and operationalize a platform that recognizes, unites, celebrates, and amplifies the efforts of girls and young women across all sectors, who demonstrate exceptional commitment to effecting sustained change.

2024 GCA Nomination and Participation:

An online nomination form has been launched for everyone to nominate girl champions in the various Awards Categories, which include:

Girl Champion of the Year: Recognizes candidates who demonstrate outstanding overall qualities in leadership, community involvement and passion to motivate and empower girls in their communities cutting across all sectors.

Girl Earth Award: Recognizes girl champions that have excelled through sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.

Survivor’s Award: Recognizes survivors that have overcome trauma and courageously taken on advocacy on issues around the safety and protection of the girl child.

Girl Education Award: Recognizes candidates who have been instrumental in motivating and empowering girls in their communities through access to education and skills development.

Unique Abilities Award: Recognizes courageous girls and young women with disability that have braved up their inabilities to compete relatively in the social and economic sector.

SRHR Girl Champion Award: Recognizes candidates that are championing innovative sexual reproductive health and rights programs for the girl and young women in Uganda.

Girl Innovation Award: Recognizes Girl Champions who have gone an extra mile to create new ideas and products with an aim of socially and economically impacting self and society to live sustainable lives.

The SDG Champion Award: Recognizes candidates who are working to promote SDG Communication in Uganda.

Girl Lifetime Achiever’s Award: Recognizes candidates who have demonstrated  outstanding enthusiasm, vision and commitment in their endeavours to  enhance and improve lives of girls throughout their lifetime.

Girl Sports Inspiration Award: Recognizes outstanding & inspiring girl  champions who continue to inspire and positively impact other girls in their  communities through sports.

Girl Master of Art Award: Recognizes candidates, who through their artistic  endeavours have inspired the larger population to respect, promote and protect  the values of the girl child.

For more information about the GCA, reach-out to us via or at +256-778853269