Uganda Joins the World in Commemorating the World AIDS Day 2023

President Museveni calls for free education in government schools to combat HIV/AIDS among adolescents on World AIDS Day in Kibaale, Rakai district.

Uganda joined the rest of the world in commemorating the 2023 World AIDS Day under the theme Ending AIDS by 2030. Keeping Communities at the Centre, in Rakai district in Kibaale town council at Kibaale Play Ground. His Excellency Kaguta Museveni was the Chief Guest.

According to statistics in HIV Testing Services, there was a 14.3 increase in the number of individuals tested among the general population from 5,998,431 in FY 2020/21 to 6,860,533 in FY 2022/23, and a total of 98% of the estimated 1,433,337 People Living with HIV (PLHIV) as of December 2022, were enrolled on ART as of June 2023 which is 1,403,603.

President Museveni stressed the importance of implementing free education in government schools to fight HIV/AIDS among adolescents aged 15+.

“Despite opposition from some government head teachers, we must eliminate fees that keep children out of school. Let’s empower them and make education an Anti-AIDS measure,” President Museveni said.

He noted that prevention is paramount in our battle against HIV/AIDS. He added that parents should counsel their children while they are young. Even though the treatment is available, if you get infected, the virus limits your health. Prevention is the number one solution in our fight against HIV/AIDS.

He also told those already living with the virus that adhering to medication and maintaining a positive outlook is essential. He applauded individuals like Dr. Watiti for setting an example that it is possible to live longer despite being HIV positive.