UNFPA’s Gift Malunga Meets with PS for Education and Sports to Empower Youth, Especially Girls

What implications arise from the discussion between Gift Malunga and Ms. Ketty Lamaro on empowering girls for better education outcomes and future opportunities?

The recent meeting between UNFPA Uganda representative, Gift Malunga, and Ms. Ketty Lamaro, the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda, signifies a collaborative effort to empower young people, particularly girls, in making informed decisions to enhance their educational achievements and future prospects. The discussion focused on strategies to support youth in making positive choices that can lead to improved educational outcomes and increased opportunities for their future.

By engaging in dialogue about empowering young individuals, especially girls, to navigate their educational paths effectively, the meeting between Gift Malunga and Ms. Ketty Lamaro aims to address the challenges faced by youth in Uganda. Through this partnership, there is a shared commitment to providing the necessary support and resources to enable young people to access quality education and create pathways for their personal and professional development.

The meeting between the UNFPA Uganda representative and the Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Education and Sports Uganda underscores a mutual dedication to fostering a conducive environment for young people to thrive academically and socially. It is hoped that this collaboration will result in tangible initiatives that empower youth to make informed decisions, ultimately leading to better educational outcomes and expanded opportunities for their future growth and success.